Books I have read and consulted for this study. 

However, the only book I recommend to you is The Holy Bible.


The Holy Bible

Allis, Oswald

The Unity in Isaiah – A Study in prophecy 1980

Allis, Oswald

Prophecy and the Church, 1945

Anderson, Sir Robert

Daniel in the Critics Den,

Anderson, Sir Robert

The Coming Prince, 1957

Andrews, Samuel J.

Christianity – AntiChristianity – Final conflict, 1889

Archer, Gleason

Three Views on the Rapture, 1996

Arnold, William III

The Post-Tribulation Rapture, 1999

Bachicha, Martin

Kingdom of the Bride, 1997

Bahnsen and Gentry

House Divided – The break-up of Dispensational Theology, 1997

Bass, Clarence B.

Backgrounds to Dispensationalism, 1960

Beasley-Murray, G.

Jesus and the Last Days – Olivet Discourse, 1993

Beckwith, George

God’s Prophetic Plan through the Ages, 1947

Beckwith, Isbon

The Apocalypse of John, 1919

Bennett, Travis

Posttribulational Questions for Pretribulational Brethren,

Berkhof,  L

The Kingdom of God, 1951

Bonar, Andrew

Development of Antichrist, 1853

Biederwolf, William E

The Prophecy Handbook, 1924

Biederwolf, William E

The Second Coming Bible, 1977

Blackstone, William E.

Jesus is Coming, 1908

Bloomfield, Arthur

Armageddon, Before the Last Battle, 1971

Bloomfield, Arthur

The End of the Days, 1961

Bruce, F. F.

Commentary – 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1982

Bussard, Dave

Who will be Left Behind and When?, 2002

Buxton, Clyne

End Times, 1997

Calvin, John

Commentaries on the Prophet Daniel, 1617

Carroll, B. H.

The Book of Revelation, 1913

Charles, R. H.

The Revelation of John, 1920

Charles, R. H.

Eschatology, 1963

Chilton, David

The Days of Vengeance, 1987

Cho, David Y

The Apocalyptic Prophecy, 1990

Cox, William E.

Biblical Studies in Final Things, 1966

Cronk, Gerald

Now about that Rapture.. When?, 1997

Culver, Robert Duncan

The Histories and Prophecies of Daniel, 1980

Dana, H. E.

The Epistles and Apocalypse of John, 1937

Douty, Norman F.

The Great Tribulation Debate, 1976

Edersheim, Alfred

The Temple its ministry and Services, 1958

Efird, James M.

End Times, Rapture, Antichrist, millennium, 1946

Eller, Vernard

The Most Revealing book of the Bible, 1974

English, Schuyler

Re-Thinking the Rapture, 1954

Erdman, Charles R.

The Revelation of John, 1929

Erdman, Charles R.

The Return of Christ, 1922

Evans, Tony

Bible Prophecies Through The Ages, 2000

Fairbairn, Patrick

Prophecy, 1976

Fisher, C H

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, 2001

Foster, Ivan

Shadow of the Antichrist, 1996

Frost, Henry W.

Matthew Twenty-four and the Revelation, 1924

Gentry, Kenneth L.

The Beast of Revelation, 1989

Gentry, Kenneth L.

House Divided: The Break-up of Dispensational Theology, 1997

Glasson, T. Francis

The Second Advent, 1947

Glasson, T. Francis

His Appearing & His Kingdom, 1953

Gleason, R. W.

The World to Come, 1958

Goodspeed, Calvin

Messiah’s Second Advent, 1900

Gordon, A. J.

Behold He Cometh, 1889

Graham, Billy

Approaching Hoofbeats - 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1983

Graham, Billy

Till Armageddon, 1981

Gundry, Robert

The Church and the Tribulation, 1973

Gundry, Robert

First the Antichrist, 1997

Hagee, John

From Daniel to Doomsday, 1999

Hayford, Jack

E Quake, 1999

Hendriksen, William

More than Conquerors, 1940

Hitchcock, Mark

101 Answers to End Times Questions, 2001

Hobbs, Herschel H.

The Cosmic Drama – An exposition of the of Revelation, 1971

Hodges, Jesse Wilson

Christ’s Kingdom and Coming, 1957

Hoekema, Anthony

The Bible and the Future, 1979

Houghton, Thomas

The Faith and the Hope of the Future, 1925

Hughes, Phillip E.

Interpreting Prophesy, 1976

Hunt, David

Peace Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust, 1983

Ice, Thomas & Demy T

The Truth about the Rapture, 1996

Jeremiah, David

Escape the Coming Night, 1990

Jones, Russell Bradley

The Great Tribulation, 1980

Jones, Russell Bradley

The Latter Days, 1961

Kellogg, Samuel

The Jews or Prediction and Fulfillment, 1887

Kennedy, H. A. A.

St Paul’s Conceptions of the Last Things, 1905

Kern, Lynn R.

Jesus is Coming! But When? 1999

Kik, J. Marcellus

Eschatology of Victory, 1971

Kimball, William R.

What the Bible says about The Great Tribulation, 1983

Kromminga, D. H.

The Millennium, 1948

Kuenzi, Vernon L.

Restoring the Vision of the End Times Church, 2001

Ladd, George Eldon

The Blessed Hope, 1956

Ladd, George Eldon

Critical Questions about the Kingdom of God, 1952

Ladd, George Eldon

The Gospel of the Kingdom, 1959

Ladd, George Eldon

The Presence of the Future, 1974

Ladd, George Eldon

Revelation, 1972

Ladd, George Eldon

The Last Things, 1978

LaHaye, Tim

Rapture (Under Attack), 1998

LaHaye, T., Jenkins, J

Left Behind, 1995

LaHaye, Tim

Are we living in the End Times,

LaHaye, Tim

Revelation, 1973

LaHaye, Tim

Revelation Unveiled, 1999

Lalonde, Peter & Patti

Left Behind, 1995

Larkin, Clarence

The Book of Daniel, 1929

Lenski, R C H

Interpretation of St. John’s Revelation, 1943

Levitt, Zola

The Signs of the End, 1978

Levitt, Zola

The Second Coming, 1979

Liddon, H. P.

Advent in St. Paul’s, 1889

Lightner, Robert

Last Days Handbook, 1997

Lilje, Hanns

The Last Book of the Bible, 1950

Lindsey, Hal

Late Great Planet Earth – Collection, 1970

Lovett, C. S.

Latest Word On The Last Days, 1980

Lowe, William G.

Even So, Come Lord Jesus, 1973

MacPherson, David

The Three R’s, 1998

MacPherson, David

The Rapture Plot, 2000

MacPherson, Ian

Dial The Future, 1975

MacPherson, Norman S.

Tell It Like It Will Be, 1970

Martin, Ralph

Is Jesus Coming Soon? – A Catholic Perspective, 1983

Mauro, Philip

Things Which Soon Must Come to Pass, 1974

McConkey, James H.

The End of the Age, 1942

McConkey, James H.

The Book of Revelation, 1921

Michaels, Ramsey

Interpreting the Book of Revelation, 1992

Milligan, William

Revelation, Discussion on the Apocalypse, 1893

Moody, Dale

The Word of Truth, 1981

Moody, Dwight L.

The Second Coming of Christ,

Morgan, G. Campbell

The Parables of the Kingdom, 1998

Morgan, G. Campbell

Behold He Cometh, 1976

Morris, Leon

Revelation of St. John, 1969

Montgommery, Don

Rapture – Post Tribulation and Pre Wrath, 1995

Nee, Watchman

Come Lord Jesus, 1976

Newton, B. W.

The Coming of The Lord, 1869

Newton, Sir Isaac

Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel & Revelation, 1733

Nigrio, H. L.

Before God’s Wrath, 2000

Payne, Barton J.

Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophesy, 1973

Peake, Arthur S.

The Revelation of John, 1919

Pentecost, Dwight J

Things to Come, 1958

Phillips, John B

Exploring the Future, 1927

Pieters, Albertus

The Facts and Mysteries of the Christian Faith, 1952

Pink, Arthur W.

The Antichrist, 1923

Pink, Arthur W.

The Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13, 1918

Pink, Arthur W.

The Redeemer’s Return, 1918

Pollock, A. J.

Things which Shortly Must Come To Pass, 1918

Poole-Conner, E J

The Coming of the Son of Man, 1947

Ramsey, William

Zion’s Glad Morning, 1990

Reese, Alexander

The Approaching Advent of Christ, 1975

Reinhold, Roy A.

The Day of The Lord: Prophecy Revealed, 1986

Rimmer, Harry

Palestine the Coming Storm Center, 1940

Robertson, Pat

The Secret Kingdom, 1982

Robinson, John A. T.

Jesus and His Coming, 1957

Rose, George L.

Tribulation till Translation – Compendium of prophecy, 1943

Rosenthal & Howard

The Feasts of the Lord –God’s Prophetic Calendar, 1997

Rosenthal, Marvin

The Pre Wrath Rapture of the Church, 1999

Rowlands, W J

Our Lord Cometh, 1930

Ryle, J. C.

Warnings To The Churches, 1967

Scofield, C. I.

What do the Prophets say? 1916

Scott, C. Anderson

The Book of the Revelation, 1922

Scruby, John B.

The Great Tribulation, the Church's Supreme Test, 1933

Seraiah, C Jonathin

The End Of All Things, 1999

Showers, Renald

Maranatha Our Lord, Come! 1995

Simpson, A. B.

The Christ in the Bible – Thessalonians to Revelation, 1973

Skolfield, Ellis H.

SOZO Survival Guide for a Remnant Church, 1995

Smith, Oswald J.

Prophesy – What lies ahead? 1965

Smith, Oswald J.

World Problems in the light of Prophecy,

Smith, Uriah

Daniel and the Revelation, 1944

Snowden, James H.

The Coming of the Lord, 1922

Spicer, W. A.

Our Day in the light of Prophecy, 1917

Sproul, R. C.

The Last Days According to Jesus, 1998

Spurgon, Charles

The Second Coming, 1996

Summers, Ray

Worthy is the Lamb, 1951

Summers, Ray

The Life Beyond, 1959

Sutton, Hilton

Rapture, 1997

Sutton, Hilton

The Book of Revelation Revealed, 1998

Swete, Henry Barclay

The Life of the World to Come, 1917

Swete, Henry Barclay

The Apocalypse of St. John, 1909

Tenney, Merrill C.

Interpreting Revelation, 1957

Thigpen, Paul

The Rapture Trap, 2001

Toms, Alan

I will Come Again, 1963

Tregelles, S. P.

The Man of Sin,

Tregelles, S. P.

The Hope of Christ's Second Coming, 1864

Tregelles, S. P.

Remarks on the Prophetic Visions in the Book of Daniel, 1965

VanGemeren, William

Prophetic Word, 1990

Van Impe, Jack

The Great Escape, Preparing for the Rapture, 1998

VanKampen, Robert

The Rapture Question Answered, 1997

Vos, Geerhardus

The Pauline Eschatology, 1930

Vos, Geerhardus

Teachings of Jesus - The Kingdom of God and the Church, 1930

Walvoord, John

Armageddon, oil and the Middle East, 1974

Walvoord, John

End Times, 1998

Walvoord, John

Major Bible Prophecies, 1994

Walvoord, John

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, 1966

Walvoord, John

The Rapture Question, 1957

West, Nathaniel

The Thousand Years, 1889

Westcott, Brooke Foss

The Gospel of the Resurrection, 1913

Wilkerson, David

Jesus Christ Solid Rock – The Return of Christ, 1972

Winklhofer, Alois

The Coming of His Kingdom, 1963

Woodrow, Ralph

Great Prophecies of the Bible, 1971

Woodrow, Ralph

The Secret Rapture is it Scriptural? 1989


The Holy Bible


Richard H Perry