How - The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to the Last Days - came about.

In 2001, at about the time of 9/11, I was teaching a couple of End Times Bible Studies in Athens, GA.  At that time the Lord woke me, early one morning, and told me to pray. As I was praying He said, “See Dr. Schaefer.” Now, the only Dr. Schaefer I was even aware of was a Henry F. Schaefer, Professor of Computational Chemistry at the University of Georgia. He had won awards for his academic excellence and was known for his leadership in UGA’s Christian Faculty Forum.

The next morning I called Dr. Schaefer’s office. When I reached his secretary, she asked what the call was about. At first I told her that I was not sure, but then I explained what had happened and how the Lord had told me to, "See Dr. Schaefer." She said, she would give him the message. That afternoon, Dr. Schaefer returned my call and after we talked, he said we should get together.

During our meeting I explained what the Lord had been showing me from Scripture. He indicated that he, also, had taught through the Book of Revelation several times in church, and he questioned me on the topic. During the course of our conversation he said, “You should write a book.” We continued our discussion for about an hour, and, as we were closing, I thanked him for the opportunity to meet and talk. Then I said, “I don’t know why the Lord put us together, but I appreciate the time you have given me.” He paused, looked at me and said, “I believe you are supposed to write a book.” Then he said, “Perhaps I said that because, for years my friends have told me that I should write a book about science and faith. Last week I finished the manuscript on that book.” He retrieved a copy from the table saying, “Here, would you like a copy?”  His book - Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence?

Within a month, I began to write the book I believed the Lord wanted. The book developed into a comprehensive biblical study and commentary on the return of Christ, the resurrection of the dead and the end of the age. While I was writing the book, another Christian brother suggested that I put some material from the book on a web site. This developed into the website  which contains material from my first book, power-point presentations, articles on prophecy, Bible studies and current events.

In July 2003 the book, Of The Last Days: Listen, I Tell You A Mystery, was published. Each time I attempted to promote the book, I felt the Lord holding me back. So, I began to seek the Lord about what I was to do with the book. After several months, He indicated that I was to take the message that He had given me, to the pastors. So, I contacted several pastors with the message. However, after meeting with about twelve pastors, it seemed that no one was interested in the message, so I stopped. Several months later, while study through the Old Testament prophet of Ezekiel, the Lord admonished me for not finishing my assignment.

I immediately put together a list of all the pastors in Athens, GA. The list included about 160 pastors and I began to call them one by one. Over the next year and a half I have met personally with 86 pastors and related to them what had been happening and gave them the message. To any pastor that did not meet with me, I sent a letter with the warning. The Warning Letter

In November 2005, with only one pastor remaining on my list, I felt the Lord was saying, “Finish this assignment, I have something else for you to do.” That same month I was contacted by a literary agent, who asked if I would be willing to write a book for Penguin Group publishing on the Last Days.

Penguin Group contracted me to write The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to the Last Days. I wrote the book over the next four months and Penguin produced the book which was released in November 2006. The book is a biblical presentation of the Last Days, the end of the age and the return of Christ. The book also contains the warning the Lord told me to give to the pastors.

Richard H. Perry