Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

I AM Coming Quickly

Therefore, Keep Watch

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Instructional  PowerPoint  Presentations
Note: Files with pictures take more time to open.   

Feel free to download these presentations for your biblical studies.

Bible Basics

Biblical Drama - God's Seven Day Plan for Man

Complete Biblical Timeline

The Age to Come - audio

The Day of the LORD

Daniel's 70 Sevens

Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation?

Christ's Return - Resurrection / Rapture

Christ's Olivet Discourse

Listen, I Tell You A Mystery

The First Resurrection

The Last Trumpet

The Restrainer

About the End: Daniel, Christ, Paul and John Agree

Time of the End Prophecy

Daniel on Kingdom of the Antichrist

The Real Road to Peace

Time of the End - audio

The Temple Mount and the 3rd Jewish Temple


Seven Seals

Seven Trumpets

Seven Bowls of God's Wrath

Seals, Trumpets & Bowls


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