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The Time of the End has Come

Read:  The First Four Seals of Revelation

Watch developments toward the future Seals below.

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 First Seal:         Fulfilled  opened  on September 11, 2001                            Revelation 6:2


Second Seal:            It's looking like 2011 !                                                  Revelation 6:4

                                                      "this revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.

                                                      Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay."

                              Prepare for War, Iran will ambush the US (Jeremiah 51:11-13) then a cry will be heard (Jeremiah 51:54)

                        If you have not made preparations for this War, Make them NOW!

                            Iranium the Movie - Story of Iran's quest for power.


                                             Iran Plans to Expand Its Military Presence in the Middle East - 3/16/11

                                             Bahraini Saudi tanks disperse protesters. Tehran: Dangerous consequences - 3/16/11

                                             Barak: 'We expect Turkish action against Iranian plane' - 3/16/11

                                             Obama AWOL on the Middle East - 3/16/11

                                             Obama "Absent" During Mounting Middle East Crises - 3/16/11

                                             Saudi presence in Bahrain threatens to escalate into a regional showdown with Iran - 3/16/11

                                             Obama’s actions force Saudis to invade Bahrain, A Danger to Middle East Stability - 3/16/11

                                             Obama's policies anger Saudis - 3/15/11

                                             Israeli Navy intercepts vessel carrying arms delivered by Iranian warships  - 3/15/11

                                             IDF seizes boat carrying weapons from Turkey to Gaza - 3/15/11

                                             IDF seizes Gaza-bound arms vessel - 3/15/11

                                             Iran and Saudis set for armed duel over Bahrain - 3/15/11

                                             IDF seizes freighter of Iranian weapons headed to Gaza - 3/15/11

                                             Film about Iran’s nuclear program sparks controversy - 3/15/11

                                             Iran objects to foreign troops in Bahrain - 3/15/11

                                             Saudis send 3,500 troops to Bahrain: two brigades plus tank battalion - 3/15/11

                                            Senators press Obama on China-Iran - 3/14/11

                                            Ahmadinejad: Arrogant powers declining - 3/14/11

                                            The next phase of U.S. strategy on Iran - 3/10/11

                                            US official: Iran seeks nuclear weapons capability - 3/10/11

                                            Special Report: Obama extends emergency regarding Iran - 3/10/11

                                          Obama accepts prospect of nuclear-armed Iran - 3/10/11

                                          Confrontation is emerging in the Persian Gulf - 3/09/11

                                          Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will control nuclear weapons by 2013 - 3/08/11

                                          IAEA worried about military aspects of Iran nuke program - 3/08/11

                                          Chávez Violating Iran Sanctions - 3/06/11

                                          Sanctions dealt a hard blow to Iran's official carrier, whose ships are being seized by banks - 3/06/11

                                          Arab World: New evidence of Iran’s nuclear ambitions - 3/06/11

                                          US must keep Muslim Brothers from Egypt government - 3/06/11

                                          Large sums of Iranian petrodollars have reached the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood - 3/05/11

                                          New evidence of Iran's nuclear ambitions - 3/04/11

                                          Iraq's Sadr urges protests against US over Libya - 3/04/11

                                         Unfortunately, Obama has failed to understand what is happening in the Middle East - 3/04/11

                                         Defector: Iran's leaders would rather slaughter their people than surrender to uprisings - 3/04/11

                                         Tehran warned Riyadh against preventive security measures against March 11 Shiite protests - 3/03/11

                                        Iran to take pre-emptive action against cyber terrorism - 3/03/11

                                        Mattis: Iran arms proxies to destabilize Middle East - 3/03/11

                                        Iran to build permanent naval base in Syria - 3/02/11

                                        Clinton warns of Iranian efforts to fill Middle East power vacuum - 3/02/11

                                        USS Carl Vinson and Enterprise strike groups are in Persian Gulf. USS Ronald Reagan may join - 3/02/11

                                        Iran urges US to withdraw warships - 3/01/11

                                       Dennis Ross: Extremists must not benefit from protests in the Arab world - 3/01/11

                                  Second Seal Archives:     2011      2010      2009

  Habakkuk chapter 2          Prophecies being fulfilled by the USA.

                                      When the Second Seal opens, this will happen to the USA as prophesied in Habakkuk 2:7

                                      Your Creditors will suddenly wake up and make you tremble.  Then ...

                                         U.S.A. National Public Debt is currently at  $           -  a Real-time calculation!

 Pre Third Seal:       Rise of the 4th Beast Kingdom.                     Daniel 7 &  8

                                  Then this 10  nation Kingdom will come together and later become the Kingdom of the Antichrist.


                                Iran Wants a New World Order - 3/12/11

                                U.S. Wavers on 'Regime Change' - 3/05/11

                                Libya: Cyrenaica rises up against Qaddafi's Tripolitania regime - 2/21/11

                                Saudis ready to aid Bahraini ruler. First riots in Libya after Yemen, Jordan - 2/16/11

                                Has Obama Lost Egypt to Iran? - 1/29/11

                                Israel fears radical takeover in Egypt - 1/29/11

                                Arab World Protests Extend to Yemen - 1/29/11

                                Egyptians: 'This isn't a demonstration, this is a revolution' - 1/29/11

                                Massive Demonstrations in Egypt after Friday Prayers - 1/29/11

                                Washington concerned as Turkey is leaving the West - 1/09/11

                               Archives:  2010 - 2009

 Pre Third Seal:            Rise of the Antichrist.                                      Daniel 7- 8

                                       The Antichrist will become a leader of a kingdom with 10 horns.


                                      The Arab uprising spreads to Iraq - 3/06/11

                                      Iraq's Sadr urges protests against US over Libya - 3/04/11

                                      Al-Sadr Calls On Al-Maliki to Meet Demonstrators' Demands, Threatens Action - 3/02/11

                                      Al Sadr to conduct referendum in Iraq - 2/23/11

                                     Dear Mr. Beck: I Shook Hands with the Antichrist - 2/22/11

                                     Iraqi Cleric Moqtada al-Sadr Returns to Iran - 1/22/11

                                     Iraqi imam, Muqtada al-Sadr,  now a major power broker - 1/18/11

                                    The Mahdi Army in Iraq is headed by anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr - 1/16/11

                                    Mutada al-Sadr - 1/15/11

                                    Muqtada al-Sadr's Fiery Call: 'US Out of Iraq' - 1/11/11

                                    Moqtada al-Sadr cranks up anti-U.S. rhetoric - 1/08/11

                                    Radical Iraqi cleric urges resistance against US - 1/08/11

                                    Iraq Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr urges Iraqis to unite - 1/08/11

                                    Radical cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, returns to Iraq from Iran - 1/05/11

                                    Anti-US Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Returns to Iraq - 1/05/11

                               Archives:  2010 - 2009

 Third Seal:         Russian leader will damage wheat and barley.                              Revelation 6:6

                                 Against the USA an alliance of nations from the land of the north. Jeremiah 50:9


                                         China says it will boost its defence budget in 2011 - 3/04/11

                                         Russia plans $650 Billion in defence spending up to 2020 - 2/24/11

                                         Obama's Start Treaty weakens US defensive deterrence long term - 2/05/11

                                         Russians to modernize its sophisticated ballistic missiles - 1/23/11

                                         Russians developing new ICBM in spite of START - 1/16/11

                                         Defusing Venezuela's Nuclear Threat? - 1/13/11

                                         China flexes growing military might - 1/07/11

                                         China's Missile and Stealth Fighter Advances Draw U.S. Attention - 1/05/11

                              Third Seal Archive:    2010 - 2008   

 Fourth Seal                    The leader of Egypt engages the Antichrist from Iraq.                             Revelation 6:8

                       Egypt will emerge as a significant power in the Middle East and become part to the 10 nation alliance.

                       After the Third Seal, Eqypt will engage the Iraqi Antichrist before being subdued.

                                       Large sums of Iranian petrodollars have reached the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood - 3/05/11

                                       Cairo sources: Mubarak's son Gemal flees to London with family - 1/26/11

                                       Egypt: Something crucial shifted for Egypt today - 1/25/11



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