Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

I AM Coming Quickly

Therefore, Keep Watch

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 Yahweh's Instructions after Sept. 11, 2001

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         Iranian Conflict may lead to World War 3

         The Seals and Horsemen of the Apocalypse

         Must We Blockade Iran?

         Revelation Second Seal - 2008 - World War III

         Revelation First Seal - 2001 - War on Terror

         Warning against a Navel Blockade of Iran

         Kingdom of the Antichrist is Forming

         On 911 the First Seal of Revelation was Opened

         Prophecy Watch: Watchman

         Richard on the Last Days

       Richard on the Time of the End

       Richard on Israel and the Time of the End


Resurrection / Rapture


        CAUTION: There is NO RAPTURE

        First Coming - Prophecy and Fulfillment

        God's Wrath after the Second Coming 

        Secret Rapture Theory - Examined #2

        Secret Rapture Theory - Examined #1

        Who do you believe God or Man

        Return of the Christ - Pre, Mid or Post

        Rapture at the Last Trumpet

        The Rapture and the 1st Resurrection


Christ regarding His Return


       Christ will Come like a Thief in the Night

       No One Knows that Day or Hour

       Matthew 24:36-51: Warning to Pastors

       Matthew 24:29-35 After the Tribulation

       Matthew 24:15-28 The Great Tribulation

       Matthew 24:3-14 Beginning of The End


                 General Prophecies


       Blood Red Moon 2015 Second Coming?

       The Last Popes: Prophecy of St Malachy

       The End: Mayan 2012, Planet X or 2032

       Discovery: Ark of the Covenant

       Third Jewish Temple to be Built

       Temple Mount: 3rd Jewish Temple

       This is the Last Hour


Biblical Building Blocks


            The Seven Feasts of God

            The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

          The Exodus and the Red Sea

           Who is Jesus Christ ?

         What is God's name?

         The Last Days - Day 5, Day 6 - Day 7

         Sabbath is fulfilled at Second Coming

         Feasts of the Lord - at Second Coming

         Feasts of the Lord - at the First Coming

         This Age and the Age to Come

         God's Seven Day Timeline

         God's Seven Day Plan for Man

         The Day of the Lord - New Testament

         The Day of the Lord - Old Testament



Glossary of Terms

         The End of the Age

         The Great Tribulation

         The Time of the End

         The Last Day

         The Last Days

         Armageddon and the Final Battle

         Mystery Babylon the Great

End Time Players

         Is Mahdi, the 12th Imam, the Antichrist?

         What we Know about the Antichrist

       The Antichrist is Coming

        The False Prophet

        Restrainer who holds back Satan

USA in Prophecy

        USA in Bible Prophecy - Part 7

        USA in Bible Prophecy - Part 6

        USA in Bible Prophecy - Part 5

        USA in Bible Prophecy - Part 4

        USA in Bible Prophecy - Part 3

        USA in Bible Prophecy - Part 2

        USA in Bible Prophecy - Part 1


        What's behind the First Seal

        What's behind the Second Seal

        What's behind the Third Seal

        What's behind the Fourth Seal

        Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

        Seven Seals of Revelation

        Seven Trumpets of Revelation

        Christ: I am Coming Quickly

        666 - Mark of the Beast - Antichrist

The Prophet Daniel

        Daniel - Antichrist from Where

        Daniel's 70 Sevens - The Last 7 yrs.

        Daniel 12: Time of Great Tribulation

        Daniel 11: Detail of the Antichrist

        Daniel 9: Antichrist who will Come

        Daniel 8: About the Antichrist

        Daniel 7: Kingdom of Antichrist

        Daniel 2: The Last Worldly Kingdom

The Prophets

        Micah - Antichrist from Where

        Isaiah - Antichrist from Where

        Ezekiel 38-39 When is the Battle


 The Church

         CAUTION: Not Full Gospel Church

         CAUTION: Sleepy Time Church

         CAUTION: Itching Ears Church

         Stand Firm and Contend for the Faith

         Are the 10 Commandments for Today?

         End Time Church per NT Prophets

         End Time Church per OT Prophets

         Fear God "Yahweh" vs. No Fear

         End Time Organized Church

         Failing of Organized Church

         Holidays - Holy Days

         Where the Church spends Eternity

         False Prophets               

         Kept Hidden from the Church

         The Church, Following Man or God?

         The 4th Commandment



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